Tuesday, 20 January 2004

My friend and coworker, Scott, forwarded me a link to a blog review where Steve Clarke describes his experience with the Acer C300 Tablet PC, which was recently introduced to the market. I have been using the same Tablet model for the last 6 weeks, and have found I like it a lot. Almost to a “T“ I agree with what Steve has to say.

Scott has the newest Toshiba Tablet PC, which is also a cool device. It has a smaller screen/slate, but higher pixel resolution. Like Steve, I have found the larger screen on the C300, even with max res of 1024x768, to be pretty darn nice. But, hey - Scott's into pain, so I am sure eye strain counts for something. :-) Just kiddin' man!

Scott and I have also been running some interesting software for the tablet that I seem to have better luck with on the Acer than Scott has had on his Toshiba, but then again, with all the stuff he installs on his computers, well - who knows, eh! ;-)

(Oh, and Scott turns 30 on Thursday, so be sure to give him a ration if you happen to read this and have a chance!)

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